Depop Bios and Username Guide: Our Top Tips for Best-Ever Bios

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Struggling to come up with Depop shop name ideas? You’re not alone – it’s a big decision to get right, so it’s not always easy to settle on something straight away. A catchy and descriptive username can help you attract potential buyers. Indeed, choosing good Depop bios and usernames is an essential first step in setting up a successful Depop shop. The right username and a great bio can help you attract customers and make sales. Think of these tools as the basic foundations of your Depop brand – your bio is your brand tagline, and your username can play a really big role in helping to summarise what you and your shop are all about. 

So read on for our detailed guide to putting together the best bio and username for your profile. These two points can really help you to stand out from the crowd.

Your Depop bio

Every Depop shop needs a good description – something that captures a buyer’s attention the moment they see it on the screen. Here, we walk you through everything you need to know to make your bio stand out.

What is a Depop bio?

A Depop bio is a short description of your shop, written by you. It appears underneath your profile picture and your username on your Depop shop’s page. You can edit your bio whenever you like in your profile settings – find this by going to Settings > My Account > Profile.

What is a Depop bio?
Please note: We asked real Depop sellers about their experiences of selling on Depop for the specific purpose of including their feedback in this blog. All quotes and testimonials included below were provided in response to that request and represent the seller’s own opinions.

Your bio is often one of the first things potential buyers see about your shop. It's important to make it snappy and personal, with enough info that they know what you and your shop are about. For example, if you have a distinct style, aesthetic, or unique selling point, make sure you mention that! We're sisters and we run our shop together, and our bio has this at the beginning.

Depop seller @jimjamboree

Why are Depop bios important?

The Depop bio is your first chance to introduce your shop to the world. The descriptions you write for each item will tell buyers about your shop’s stock, but your bio is also an opportunity to give buyers more information about your shop itself. It can help answer any questions they might have about you or your shop before they decide to make a purchase from you. So it’s important to write a good bio that represents your shop well.

On Depop, buyers are making a choice to buy from an individual or a small business, rather than a big company. So for us, it's so crucial to have that personal touch. It's a great opportunity to introduce yourself and make a lasting impression so buyers come back to you again and again.


What makes a great Depop bio?

A good Depop bio is short but sweet – it will have all the essential info about how your shop works, in just a few sentences. The bio gives your potential buyer an idea of how your shop works and what they can expect when they purchase something from you. 

It’s completely up to you what goes into your bio, but here are some ideas that you might want to include when writing yours:

  • Shipping - how often you ship items, what service you use to ship them, whether you offer free shipping or international shipping.


  • Returns policy - will you offer your buyers refunds or returns on their purchases? This decision is up to you, but remember that doing so can help you attract buyers.


  • Offers - accepting offers on your items can help sell them faster. Let your buyers know you’re up for negotiating to find the right price.


  • Packaging - do you use sustainable packaging? Or maybe you offer your buyers a free gift with their purchase? If so, you can add this info to your bio to let your customers know.

Got a sale running this week? Or, let’s say, you’re offering discounts on bundles? Your Depop bio is also a good place to mention any deals or promotions you’ve got for buyers. If there is anything you can add to sweeten the deal for your buyer – a discount on certain items – make sure to include it here. Extra deals like this can be a useful sales tactic to entice buyers to browse your shop.

Depop bio ideas

For more Depop bio ideas, it’s good to think about what other information buyers might want to learn from your shop’s bio. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What type of items does your shop sell? Describe your style in a few words and give your buyer some context for what you’ve got on offer. This can help make your shop memorable, so it stands out in the buyer’s mind.

  • Where do your items come from? Are they vintage? Unworn items from your own wardrobe? Handpicked? Or maybe they’re all a single category like sneakers or streetwear? This is useful to add to your bio, since it tells the buyer more about the original source of the items on sale.

Make sure you state your key policies, like if you offer free shipping, or state how often you post. These can be key in helping to clinch that sale. Make it personal too – you're selling your brand!


Best-practice Depop bio examples

Want some inspiration for writing your bio? Look to our 'Meet the Sellers' page on the Depop app to view some real-life Depop shops  – here, you'll find lots of great examples of well-written Depop shop bios. They summarise their style and vibe, while also giving potential customers a clear overview of technical details, like shipping and offers.

How to create your very own perfect Depop bio

Your Depop bio is like a billboard or a business card for your shop. It’s an opportunity to talk directly to buyers and tell them what you’re all about. It’s also a way to make your shop stand out on the app. So it’s a good idea to get creative and think outside the box with your bio. Here are some easy guidelines that’ll help provide ideas for writing your best Depop shop bio. 

1. Prioritise. Your bio is a small space, so focus on the most important things you want to tell your customer, whether that’s your policies, shipping info or your latest promotions. Choose what you think are the key things buyers should know about your shop. Remember, this is a chance to catch their eye as they browse around Depop.

2. Add a link. You can add one clickable link to your bio. You can do this in Profile > My website. Use this to link to your social media accounts such as Instagram so buyers can get to know you and your style beyond Depop. Keep in mind that you can’t use your Depop bio to encourage your users to shop with you outside the app – this is against our seller guidelines.

3. Stay safe. Don’t forget to stick to the Depop community guidelines. Don’t use abusive language in your bio and don’t refer to prohibited content or items. Keep all sales and transactions inside the app to protect both you and your buyer. Breaking these rules can result in your account being suspended. 

Best Depop usernames and bios

How long can a Depop bio be?

Depop bios can be no more than 128 characters. Keep it short and snappy. Remember, you can use both text and emojis in your bio. Ready to update yours?

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Your Depop username

Getting your bio right is only one part of the picture. Creating a catchy username is another smart way to keep people coming back to your shop. Your shop name is essentially your username and the word or phrase you choose is the one that people will remember you by. So when you’re thinking about Depop shop name ideas, make sure the options you have are as unique and memorable as possible. Shortlisting unforgettable Depop store names is a great strategy for personal branding purposes. If potential buyers are impressed by your username, they’re more likely to remember it. And hopefully, tell their friends about it too. Keep reading to discover how to go about inventing good names for a Depop shop…

The ins and outs of choosing your Depop username

Think of your username as your brand name or signature for your shop. On Depop, usernames are like snowflakes – no two are identical. Every user on Depop chooses a username when they first sign up – it’s how you’ll identify yourself on the app. Other users can then search your username to find your shop. But before you start coming up with ideas, there are a couple of technical things to consider when choosing the right username. Here are all the details you need to know when selecting one: 

  • Your username must be at least three characters long.

  • Don’t use special characters, symbols, capitals or spaces. Your username should be all one word, all lowercase letters and numbers only.

  • Make sure your username hasn’t been used by someone else. You can do this by looking it up on the app first.

Depop username ideas

Once you have the technicalities covered, it’s time to get creative with fun username ideas. It can be hard to know where to start when coming up with cute or cool usernames for your Depop account. So to get you going, we’ve put together a list of top tips to help you choose the right username.

1. Take inspiration from the kind of items you’re selling. Choose words that represent what you’re selling and try to fit your username to the theme of your shop. This could be words related to a particular category, an era or the overall aesthetic of your shop.

For example: 90ssunshine for a shop with 1990s style summer dresses, or chunkyknitsforever if you’ve got lots of woollen jumpers in store.

2. Combine some fun or cute words together to make a memorable username that’ll stay in your buyers’ minds.

3. Make sure your username is easy to remember – words are better for this than numbers. Keep it simple so customers can recognise your username as the ‘brand name’ for your shop.

4. If it’s a personal account, consider using your real name. This will let your buyers know that there is a real person behind your shop. It’ll also make it easier for friends to find your shop.

5. Match your username to your social media profiles, particularly if you’ve got lots of followers already. Keeping things consistent will make it easier for your followers to find your shop.

6. Represent your vibe – whatever you’re into. If you’re passionate about sustainability or if you’re into vintage, then choose a username that communicates that to your buyer.

Depop username ideas

How sellers chose their Depop usernames 

Some of our current sellers share their own unique approaches to picking a great username:

I needed a name that could be more of a ‘brand’ and came up with Central Curated. The ‘Central’ relates to where I’m from (centre of the country near a city) and the ‘Curated’ means that I handpick items specifically based off their style. Your username should relate to your ethos or style.

Depop seller @centralcurated

I would say making it in some way relatable to the seller – like using nicknames — establishes a relationship with the consumer.

Depop seller @topdrawerthriftco

Can I change my Depop username?

Changed your mind about your Depop username? Or maybe you’ve come up with a more memorable name to go by? Don’t worry – it’s easy to change your username if you want. Here’s how to change your Depop username: 

You don’t need to make a new account – you can just edit your username in the app. But remember that after you change it, you’ll need to wait 30 days before you can change it again. So make sure you’re happy with your new username before you hit save.

How do I change my Depop username?

Here’s the process for how you can edit your Depop username directly in the Depop app.

1. Tap Profile  > Settings >  Profile > Username.

2. Enter your new username.

3. Check it over to make sure you’ve spelled it correctly, then tap Save. It’s that simple. 

However you approach choosing your Depop username and bio, the key message is to be creative about it. There’s no magic formula for the perfect username. But it’s worth putting a bit of effort into finding the right fit for you. If you think outside the box, it’s easy to come up with something original for your shop. It’s all about how you want your shop to be seen by other buyers on Depop – keep this in mind when choosing yours.

If you get stuck, we recommend having a look at some of your favorite Depop shops and taking inspiration from their bios and usernames. With a little brainstorming and inspiration, you’ll easily find something that fits your shop’s style to a tee. 

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