Depop Seller Guidelines


Want to find out more about being a best seller on Depop. Our handy quick guides can help you. These guiding blog posts contain all of the Depop guidelines and rules that are important for success. So read more and discover how you can be the best seller you can be. For more specific policies, please also visit our help centre at:

Depop Guidelines

Here is a brief summary of the top Depop guidelines that will help put you on a path to success. For full details, take a look at the full seller handbook blog posts. 

  1. Customer service and communication
    First things first. Always stick to our community guidelines

    Reply to messages quickly – ideally within a day. This helps you sell faster, and keeps customers informed.

    Keep your key shop policies updated to show current services or offers. You can set your shop policies by going to 'Profile > Settings > Shop policies'. Take a look at our dedicated blog on achieving great customer service for further tips and tricks.


  1. Listing
    Include a clear item description, accurate brand names and appropriate images that reflect your item. Make sure to describe and include images of any faults.

    Always use your own photos. Try to use natural daylight. Don't use stock images as your item will be removed.

    To double-check if items are authentic, try using online authenticity checkers.

    Give your buyer as much information as possible by completing all the fields – where relevant.

    Want to increase your chances of your item being seen in search? Take a look at our Depop search blog.

depop guidelines

  1. Payments
    Make sure all purchases happen in-app. This means you’re covered by Depop Protection – so we can step in and help if needed.

    We’ve got your back. As long as you’ve followed our guidelines, we’ll make sure you don’t lose out.

    To keep our community safe, we suspend users who don't buy and sell in-app. For more on this, and what to do if you see something suspicious, check out our terms of service. Or take a look at our Depop payments blog post. 


  1. Shipping
    Always use tracked shipping where possible. This will help keep your buyer informed on when they can expect their parcel to arrive, and ensures you're covered by seller protection.

    Ship your item as soon as you can - and make sure it’s clean before you pack it.

    Once shipped, keep your buyer updated. If there's going to be a delay, let them know. Full details can be found in our shipping guidelines


  1. After your sale
    Aim to resolve any disputes with a buyer before involving Depop. If we ask you for more information, it's important you respond within 24 hours so we can help quickly.

    Always leave feedback after completing your sale. Reviews are a key part of Depop and help to inform both buyers and sellers.

    If you follow these simple guidelines, you should keep a good review score.  This helps build trust, and impacts your search visibility.

    Great sellers maintain an average feedback score of at least 4.0/5.0.