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Want to know more about our Top Depop Sellers and their amazing shops? From secondhand designer garments to one-off retro finds, there are a number of successful shops in our fashion marketplace that have it all. And a hand-picked assortment of them have made it into our Top Sellers section. They’ve put in the work, achieved their goals, adhered to our community guidelines and consistently delivered. It’s inspirational stuff. And who knows? It could be you one day – this invite-only top seller program is available to all of our users as long as you meet certain criteria. So prepare to be inspired (and maybe do a spot of trend-spotting) as we walk through some of the best Depop seller shops to explore and shop from…

Please note: Whilst we are able to share information on Depop’s Top Sellers, we do not make any guarantee or representation or accept any liability in relation to the sales or revenues to be gained as a Depop seller.

Discovering our top Depop Sellers

In this blog article, we’ve rounded up a list of the most popular Depop sellers so that you can explore and shop on our site with total ease and confidence. The following guide is dedicated to the very best Depop sellers from around the world, so feel free to browse and buy at your leisure. It offers a roundup of some of the most successful Depop shops out there from every fashion niche. So whether you’re into high-end pieces, casual basics or Y2K trends, you’re sure to find something to suit your unique style. The list is updated regularly, so there’s always something new to discover and snap up. But for now, here’s a brief introduction to some of Depop’s current Top Sellers – and you can start shopping with them in just a few clicks.

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Our Top Sellers Shopping Guide

This detailed guide has been put together to showcase a diverse range of seller shops for every taste. You’ll be able to discover shops for vintage garments, as well as popular shops for finding rare designer pieces you’ll love. Get ready to discover some of the best sellers on Depop to shop from below:

  1. Y2k Fashion Favorites

Discover the very finest millennial fashion staples from some of our best Y2k Depop sellers. Each and every one of them offers a heady mix of iconic ‘90s and noughties style items. Channel that Y2k vibe in an instant with an assortment of must-have millennium pop culture pieces from these highly sought-after shops. It's time to get bookmarking:

Buyers can expect all sorts of ‘90s and noughties numbers in Meghan’s Depop shop. We’re talking camo prints, diamante details and split cuffs. So, whether you’re after a pair of low-rise jeans and satin halter-neck or a metallic co-ord, you’ll find something suitable (and stylish) here.

If you’re interested in late '90s and early-to-mid 2000s fashion, then you absolutely have to explore Beaux B’s Depop shop. Expect bold patterns, sheer overlays and the odd custom tie-dye tee too. You’ll find lots of perfect pieces to help you work the distinctive Y2k aesthetic here.

Looking for a cropped tee and some wide-legs jeans to channel that ‘90s or noughties vibe? Look no further than this Depop shop. You’ll find a wide selection of retro clothing – including vintage mini skirts, classic striped sweatpants, velour tracksuits and much more. 

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  1. Best Vintage Fashion shops 

Throw it back in style with some nostalgic numbers from the best Depop vintage sellers on our platform. Whether you’re purchasing a rare vintage garment or completing your existing outfits with some retro footwear, our vintage-specialist sellers are likely to have something that completes your nostalgic look.

Want to add a retro band tee to your closet collection? Now’s the time, as this Depop Top Seller stocks a variety of classic items from the ‘80s. These vintage pieces come in a selection of bold colors and feature nostalgic graphic prints or embroidered motifs too.

A cami top is a vintage staple and you’ll be able to choose from lots of different designs from this Depop Top Seller. And why stop working the retro look just because it’s bedtime? Find lace floral sleep sets, sheer slips and babydoll tops to keep your noughties vibe alive in your dreams too.

Head to this Depop Top Seller for all of your streetwear essentials. Seriously throw it back an era or two with vintage tank tops, embroidered baseballs caps, graffiti-print messenger bags and many other must-have style finds.

  1. Top Menswear shops 

There are some menswear staples that everyone should have in their lives. You’ll probably find them in some of our best Depop men’s seller shops, dedicated to all things men’s style and fashion. Explore all the good things Dominickatencio and Badmoutharchive have to offer for example before someone else gets there first.

Whether you’re after a tribal design hoodie, a grandad sweater or a patchwork jacket, you’ll find some fantastic casual menswear pieces in this Depop shop. And if you’re in need of a new-to-you accessory, you can treat yourself and browse through a range of beanies, belts and bags here too. 

Add some streetwear styles to your closet today and explore Finn’s collection of preowned clothing and accessories. From baggy overpants and embroidered sweatshirts to secondhand silver rings and designer sunglasses – there are so many items to choose from you’re sure to find something to snap up.

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  1. Celebrity Style on Depop 

At Depop, we welcome everyone into our community – celebrities included. There are lots of celebrities on Depop selling a diverse and amazing selection of items. From pop stars like Kim Petras and Lily Allen, to best-selling authors like Ottessa Moshfegh. Take a look at some of them below.

These items have been preloved by the star, so it’s no wonder the listings sell so quickly. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on something, it’s likely to be a quirky accessory or striking garment. So if you’re looking for a pair of colorful sunglasses or an eye-catching patterned dress, keep an eye on this Depop shop.

From flared jeans and denim rompers to off-the-shoulder tops and retro tees, Olivia has sold it all. Every item listed is from her closet, so whether you’re a fan of her style or her music (or both) it’s worth giving this shop a follow.

You can expect to find an assortment of designer clothes and accessories on offer in Kim’s Depop shop – like the other celebrities items, though, they’re not in stock for long. Whether it’s high-neck dresses, knee-high boots or high-end studded bag straps, you’ll want to snap them up before they’re marked as sold.

  • Harry Styles

Shop designer sunglasses, shoes, t-shirts and statement tops alongside casual basics for every occasion, as worn by Harry Styles. His personal stylist Harry Lambert offers up many of the clothes that the pop star has worn during his tours and in his music videos. You'll find an eclectic mix of head-turning Harry-worthy pieces to suit every taste and occasion. 

It’s all about the jewelry in this celebrity Depop shop. There are a number of detailed portrait cameos on necklaces and brooches, as well as bracelets, hat pins and more. You’ll also spot the occasional piece of clothing listed, such as a vintage silk bed jacket from the ‘40s.

  1. Sportswear specialists 

Sportswear isn’t just for playing sport. Why even prioritize comfort over style when you can have both with the help of Depop – just take a look at some of our top sportswear and sports-luxe sellers for the proof. 

If sportswear is your thing, it’d be hard to find something you don’t like in this UK-based seller shop. With a wide variety of modern and vintage pieces to choose from, you’re sure to find something that enhances your sporty style. There are designer sneakers, shorts and shirts in a variety of sizes and fits, so start shopping for you next favorite athletic fashion item here.

For a more retro sports vibe, head to @cocobellevintage and browse through a selection of skater-inspired items. Shop ribbed tank tops, puffer messenger bags, oversized tees and plenty of other casual basics to mix into your existing outfits.

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  1. Top Designer Fashion shops

Discover some standout vintage designs from some of the world's most iconic brands on Depop. Find rare runway pieces or go for something off-the-wall from one of Depop's best designer fashion shops and luxury upcycle specialists. 

This Top Seller specializes in high-end denim garments, including vintage Levi’s and rare designer pieces. If you’ve got some money to spend, we’re sure you’ll find something to buy in this Depop shop.

If you’re interested in restored designer items, you’ll be interested in seeing more from this Top Seller. Browse a range of secondhand high-quality footwear and clothing to add some luxury to your everyday outfit.