How to become a Top Seller

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The Depop Top Seller program is an invite-only initiative designed by our team to support and promote the strongest sellers on our platform. These sellers are handpicked by us and have been selected because they’ve met certain criteria. There are a number of factors we consider when choosing sellers for this program – such as how many sales they’ve made, how consistent they are with good customer service and how valued they make their buyers feel. In this blog post, we’ll explain our Top Seller program in more detail so you have a better idea of what you could do to become a contender. Do you consider yourself a high-performing seller or a successful entrepreneur on Depop? Keep reading to discover how you can put yourself out there and stand out from the crowd on our platform.

How to become a top seller on Depop

Being a top seller on Depop means you’ve been selected for our invite-only program that rewards strong sellers who always make their buyers feel special. There are already a number of successful Top Sellers on Depop – so how can you become one too? For four consecutive months, you’ll need to hit specific monthly sales targets, achieve an average rating of 4.5 on your customer reviews, and ship your items quickly (within 3 days on average). You also need to ensure that you follow Depop’s terms of service consistently to ensure that you are selling in a compliant and customer-friendly way on our platform at all times. If you manage to do all of this, you could qualify as a Depop Top Seller. If you succeed, it’s then a case of maintaining this status which comes with its own criteria. 

What are the benefits of being a Top Seller?

Depop top seller status isn't just a badge of pride. Top Sellers are also granted a range of extra benefits and features that can fuel further growth on the platform:

  • Blue Tick status
    This lets customers know you’re a trusted seller and an integral member of the community.
  • Private Community Forum
    An exclusive space to connect with fellow Top Sellers and the wider Depop team.
  • Depop Top Seller team
    Our dedicated team at Depop who are focused on supporting the growth of your business.
  • Access to Exclusive Data
    A monthly report of your key shop activity. We also share monthly trends and inventory insights provided by Depop analysts so you can effectively target buyers.
  • Extra consideration for Promotional Opportunities
  • Exclusive Top Seller Events

Depop Top Seller Programme

What’s new?

First of all – if you’re a Top Seller – fantastic work. And if you’re not there yet – keep up with what you’re doing. We’ve tweaked the criteria for sellers looking to qualify as a Top Seller, and for Top Sellers wanting to keep their status. Read on to learn more about how to become a Depop top seller (and stay as one)…


How to qualify as a Depop Top Seller: 

For 4 straight months you need to: 

Monthly Sales Targets

Sell 50+ items at an average price of £15+ (~  US$20+, AU$26+) or earn a total of £2,000  (~US$2,600+, AU$3,500+) in sales before fees. 

Customer Reviews

Achieve an average rating of at least 4.5 and follow our guidelines to make sure no infringements are linked to your account.

Shipping time

Ship your items within 3 days on average, so buyers get their package within an average of 10 days. 


How to keep your Top Seller status: 

Across any 4-month period you need to:

Sales Targets

Sell 200+ items at an average price of £15+ (~ US$20+, AU$26+) or earn a total of £8,000+ (~ US$10,400+, AU$14,000+ ) in sales before fees. 

Customer Reviews

Keep an average rating of at least 4.5 and follow our guidelines.

Shipping time

Ship your items within 3 days on average, so that buyers get their items within an average of 10 days. 

Depop 4-Month Top Seller Status

Additional tips to reach the top:

1. Quality stock

Top Sellers always source quality stock. Their stores are a destination for people when looking to buy. It’s key to standing out from other sellers and increases the likelihood of gaining loyal buyers.

Some Top Sellers set weekly targets of the number of new items they list on their shop. That way they know there's always fresh stock on their shop that buyers are going to find.

2. Great listings

Top Sellers’ listings are clear and easy to understand. Their images are creative, well lit and their shop has a distinct identity. They do their best to list daily and make sure their shop is well stocked.

3. Quick responses

Buyers like to know you’re serious about your shop. Quick responses help show that you’re on top of your game. Open lines of communication can be what turns browsers into buyers, so make sure to answer customer messages as soon as you can.  Letting your buyer know once an item is shipped helps build confidence too.

Working on these factors in every sale you make will help you get great reviews from customers.

If you follow these guidelines and keep selling and listing, you’ll increase your chances of becoming and establishing yourself as a Top Seller. For further tips and tricks, explore our detailed articles on selling clothes, Depop bios and our detailed guide to Depop success.

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