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Our Now/Next program is a project designed to take talented and creative Depop sellers to the next level. From where they are now to where they want to get to next. It teaches, nurtures and empowers sellers, giving them the opportunity to get to wherever they want to be next on their seller journey. The innovative program has been designed as part of our mission to become the world's most diverse and progressive home of fashion. And we’re proud of it.

This year's edition focuses on providing Black Sellers with the knowledge they need to speed up their success on Depop. It’s an amazing chance for them to develop their existing skills as well as learn some new tricks and tools for seller – and shop –success.

The Depop Now/Next program has allowed us to meet industry professionals, top sellers and the Depop team and they’ve all been so helpful and kind in guiding us in the right direction towards success for our shops.

@skylarjas, Depop seller

Empowering Black Sellers at Depop

As part of this year’s Now/Next program, 6 US-based Black Sellers embarked on a 2-day bootcamp in New York City at the end of July 2022. This was followed by an 8-week period of online training workshops. They met with a variety of industry professionals, Top Sellers and the Depop team to cover a range of useful topics and get answers to their pressing industry questions. Valuable workshops covered everything from spotting trends and curating inventory, to collaborative networking for growth.  Interested in seeing more? Get the full lowdown by watching the videos below.

  1. Meet the Sellers

In this video, you’ll meet the inspiring Black Sellers that have been selected for this year’s Now/Next program. They give you an insight into their experiences as Depop sellers and program participants, as well as share what's coming up in the other videos that might help you.

depop black sellers

  1. Brand Building - Branding your shop for success

Sellers also had the chance to learn about the importance of creating a strong brand. In this video, 2 of our Now / Next sellers share some of their top brand-building tips. @soulfulthreads and @skylarjas explore how to create a strong brand on Depop and offer some useful advice on brand building as a whole. 


  1. Trends & Inventory - Spotting fashion trends and making them work for you 

Sellers @iso_suppply and @lovelierinvintage share the knowledge they’ve learned throughout this project in terms of fashion trends and stock inventory. Expect some useful help and advice from this video as these Depop sellers discuss the key factors that drive their seller success.


  1. Photography and product descriptions - How to improve your listings 

In this video, Depop Black Sellers @littlebuggy and @marieangele walk you through what makes a great photo in this video dedicated to product pictures and descriptions. They also share with you the most important lessons that they’ve learned when it comes to photographing and describing items for sale.


  1. Networking for Net Growth - How to collaborate for success 

Our Black sellers @lovelierinvintage, @iso_supply and @soulfulthreads also learned how they can improve their net worth as Depop sellers. They discussed how to set relationship goals and also provided their own examples of key relationships that have benefitted their businesses. You’ll pick up some extra tips on elevator pitches and other useful networking tools from this video too.