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Before you set up shop with us, make sure you take a look at our Depop selling tips below. We’ve assembled an article full of useful hints for new and existing sellers alike. Every step is simple and could help lead to you celebrating sales rather than sitting on slow-moving stock. After reading this blog article, you might be inspired to resell all sorts of secondhand items through our platform either as a professional or casual Depop seller. It’s a great way to clear out your closet and earn some extra cash. Keen to know more? We thought that might be the case. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover our top tips for selling on Depop whatever it is you’re looking to sell on. From getting the right pictures of your items to listing products at a price that will help attract buyers, there are some small things you can do to help reach seller success in no time. Scroll down to get started…

Please note: Whilst we are able to share our top tips for selling items on Depop, we do not make any guarantee or representation or accept any liability in relation to the sales or revenues to be gained as a Depop seller.

Depop Selling Success

Selling on Depop is a hassle-free way of clearing out your unwanted items and making some money in return. It’s easy to use and could even become a regular source of income for you over time. But before we give you some top tips for Depop selling success, you’ll need to complete a few basic steps to get started on our platform. Creating an account with us is straightforward – just register your details and you’ll instantly become part of our global and ever-growing community. It's free to sign up and will only take a few minutes of your time. When you’ve done this, you’ll then be able to list your first item in your very own Depop shop. This is when you can have some fun and get creative. Try to give your shop a descriptive and catchy name that represents its content and purpose at the same time.

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Just make sure you settle on a memorable username, so buyers are more likely to remember what your brand is about, as well as the items you're selling. There are lots of benefits to selling with us too. It won’t cost you anything to upload items to your online shop – seriously. So whether you’re planning to list the occasional preowned product or aiming to clear out your closet by the end of the week, it’ll be free for you to list every time. Think of your Depop shop as your online playground – get as innovative and original as you see fit. Make the most of your seller experience with us by showing your personality, expressing your style and connecting with other like-minded members. Read on to discover the best Depop tips for selling your items.

Top Tips for Selling on Depop

Got a few secondhand garments at home that you’d prefer to exchange for cash? List them on Depop now to attract a potential buyer who’d be interested in seeing what you’ve got to offer. Join lots of other users from around the world who are making additional income from selling with us. Just follow these ‘selling on Depop’ tips and you will be off to a flying start.

  1. Creating and showcasing great photos

It’s important to capture a few quality shots of each item that you’re preparing for sale. Taking some good photos can significantly improve your chances of selling something, as pictures are likely to have the biggest impact on the first impressions of your potential buyers. As long as you’ve got some decent lighting, an uncluttered background and an in-focus image, then you’re halfway there. Lots of our users include pictures of themselves modeling the item, so if you feel comfortable doing that with yours then go ahead and try it. But you can also use hanger shots and flat lays as well. Highlight any interesting details that give your product an edge, as these will help to grab a buyer’s attention and set your listing apart from the crowd. Don’t be scared to get creative with your content either – try shooting from different angles and locations, as well as uploading some videos alongside the pics too.


  1. Selling unique and interesting items

Our community thrives on users connecting with each other, expressing themselves and playing around with a variety of fashion styles. So selling a wide range of unique products that are likely to gain a lot of interest is a great way of trying to encourage sales in your Depop shop. Aim to curate a collection based on the fashion looks that you love and make sure you describe each piece in detail (and with accuracy), whether it’s trending items or everyday basics. Try to tap into trends too – listing clothing, shoes and accessories that are currently popular could result in a quick sale. Pointing out any eye-catching features on your product could also inspire a buyer to commit to a purchase. Discover what’s hot – and what’s not – by checking out trend insights and reports online, or our trends and seasonality guide. The detail in these publications could be invaluable when it comes to planning what to stock in your Depop shop. 

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  1. Crafting detailed and expressive descriptions

If you’ve got some brilliant photos saved, then make sure they’re supported by some equally amazing product descriptions. A clear and well-written explanation of your item could boost buyer confidence in your listing (and perhaps your shop at large) so take the time to get this bit right. If a buyer trusts the accuracy of your listings, it might encourage them to click on the buy button. Remember to include any details on noticeable flaws and defects that your product might have too. This transparency will help viewers understand the condition of your item and should avoid any possible confusion or disappointment when they receive their purchase. Honesty is always the best policy. And don’t forget to include a few purposeful hashtags at the end of your description as these will expand your reach. Plenty of Depop members are searching for things like #designerfashion and #vintageclothes so this could also encourage a few sales.


  1. Listing consistently

Listing regularly is a great way to improve your chances of a sale as you will have more items for customers to browse from. So do your best to upload and share content regularly to increase your chances of making sales. It’ll keep potential buyers interested and get them excited about the types of products that might appear in your shop in the future too. It could even tempt people to buy from you again, particularly if they’re happy with the quality of the item – and service – you’ve previously delivered. As well as frequently listing items, it also makes sense to broaden your product offering wherever you can. If buyers have lots of different sizes, colors and styles to choose from, you’ll appeal to a larger audience. And of course, it’s a good idea to keep your finger on the pulse with trending pieces, so you know what buyers are looking for at any specific time. You could easily have some in-demand items in your closet that could do well on our platform so a little research can help here.

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  1. Pricing

It’s always great news when you make a sale, but perhaps you also want to make a profit you’re happy with. When working out your price and any profit margin, begin with what you originally paid for the item and combine this amount with any costs you’ve incurred preparing it for sale on Depop. Then add the amount of money you’d like to make as a profit onto this figure and you should have a better idea of the price point that suits you. If you’re still not sure what to set your selling prices at, you can refer to price calculators as a handy point of reference.If you consider yourself a professional Depop seller, take a look at our pricing article for some further guidance.