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Writing a clear and informative Depop description for your item is key to helping you sell. It’s essential that you create well-written, detailed and persuasive product descriptions for each of your listings. Why is it so important for sellers to do this? You’ll find out below. This blog article explains everything there is to know about this crucial step in preparing your item for sale on our platform. From creating an eye-catching headline that accurately describes your item, to giving potential buyers valid reasons for buying from you, there are a number of relevant and significant details to add in to this section. We’ve even included a product listing template that you can follow to make sure you’re covering all necessary bases before you post the item to your online shop. Ready to learn more and try it out for yourself? Here’s how to write a product description on Depop… 

What is a product description?

Let’s start by defining a product description. It’s a piece of writing that describes a product and explains why it’s worth buying. A great product description should always include key information about the item – such as its interesting features – and convince the buyer of its benefits. It should answer any obvious questions a buyer might have about the brand, size, and condition of your item too. A creative and well-drafted description can really encourage customers to commit to purchasing, so it’s worth putting in the effort at this stage. 

how to write a product description

How to write a good Depop product description

Need a few description writing tips and tricks? You’re in luck. We’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide below to help you start writing product descriptions that sell. Remember to always approach this task with your ideal buyer in mind as the aim is to appeal directly to them. If you can use language that you think your buyer will connect with, you’re some of the way there. Combine that technique with our top tips for writing product descriptions and you’ll be giving yourself a much better chance of creating a listing that grabs a buyer's attention. Never underestimate the power of good product descriptions. Want to find out more about how to write one? Scroll down to view our free product description template:


- Start with a headline: Step one – write an effective product headline. Describe the item accurately and in a few words, adding the most appropriate keywords at the start of the title. Not sure where to begin? Consider what your potential buyers are searching for to discover products that are similar to whatever it is you’re listing.

- Add measurements: Clothing sizes are not standardized – they often vary between brands. So simply including the label size  – for example, S, M or L –  is not always accurate enough. Try to be specific by measuring your clothing and adding exact measurements for customers to refer to. How you get this information will of course depend on the type of garment you’re selling. It could also be useful to include your usual clothing size if you’re modeling the item.

- Describe the condition of the item: This is an important bit of information to include and you must be clear and honest when describing the condition of your item. Be as objective as possible – if a buyer trusts what you’re saying about a product they can then make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing it. So whether it’s like new or has noticeable defects, mention it here. If there are any obvious flaws, it’s always good practice to highlight these in your product photos too.

an example of writing a product description

Be specific and relevant: There is no need for product descriptions to be excessively long and wordy. Customers tend to be interested in this section as it’s where they can quickly find out key information about the product. Try to make your descriptions short, snappy and – most importantly – specific in order to keep a buyer’s attention. Re-read your content and ask yourself – is all the information here relevant? This is a great opportunity to enhance your customer service levels as a seller too the more information you can give here, the less likely it is that a customer will need to get in touch with common questions. 

Add rich detail: Now’s your chance to describe any unique details that your product might have, so don’t forget to leave any selling points out. From embroidered features and intricate beading to handy pockets and soft inner linings, there may be a few rich details you can include in your descriptions to inspire a sale. As always, be accurate with the information you’re providing here and don’t just write something for the sake of it. This can be misleading, so remember to always follow our good practice guidelines when completing your product descriptions.

- Finish with reasons to buy from you: End your product description with other details that could convince customers to buy from you. This might include details such as shipping information, as well as current offers and discounts that apply in relation to this particular piece. By including this additional information after describing your product, buyers won't be distracted by it – they should already have an idea as to whether they want the item you’re selling or not. 

Best product description examples

There are plenty of product description examples you could refer to – and be inspired by – on our platform. With the free template above in mind, check out what other sellers have written in their listings, especially when they’re selling an item that’s similar to yours.  When you’ve seen a few different examples of product descriptions on Depop you may feel inspired and more confident when creating your own well-drafted copy. Take a look at the product description sample below. This is the best example of a greatly written description as it’s accurate and complete, taking into account all the key information we’ve listed within this article. It includes relevant details about the brand, color and size as well as information about exciting promotions. Potential buyers will have a clear understanding of this item after reading creative product descriptions like this one, as they answer more questions than they raise.

Good Depop Listing Description example

Optimizing your Depop description

Here are some final tips on what not to forget when attempting to write the very best product descriptions for the items in your Depop shop. If you can create complete and creative product descriptions every time, buyers are more likely to find your listing when using our search bar. Feel free to come back to this section and use the below as a checklist when reviewing and editing the copy you’ve written.

  • Don’t: Don’t include irrelevant or repetitive keywords, hashtags, brands or tags. 

  • Item location: Including this gives buyers a clearer understanding of shipping charges and delivery times 

  • Category and subcategory: Selecting a category and subcategory for each of your items will make it easier for potential customers to find (and hopefully buy) them on our site.

  • Brand: Adding brand details could improve your chances of attracting customers to your listing, especially if there’s a high search volume for the brand.

  • Size: Stating the size of your product will help potential buyers find it when they’re filtering the search results. 

  • Quantity (if applicable): If there are multiple available, select the specific amount when creating your listing.

  • Condition: Try to accurately describe the overall condition of your item every time you list something.

  • Price: Always make sure you’ve set a selling price that you’re happy with. 

  • Color: Describe the color of your item to the best of your ability. 

  • Style: Think about how you can best describe the style of your product or how a buyer could wear it (or pair it) with other types of clothing.

Getting your product description right is just one way to reach seller success on Depop. To discover more useful tips, check out how to be successful on Depop

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