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So you’ve sold your first item. Time to ship it to your buyer. Follow these tips to make shipping smooth for you and your buyer and watch the good reviews roll in.

Use tracked shipping wherever possible. Untracked parcels aren’t covered by Depop’s or PayPal's seller protection. For high value items, add insurance and ask for a signature. Doing this helps build trust in your shop and gives buyers confidence.

‘Sending everything tracked reduced lost item claims and customer tracking queries.’ @queenofthreads


When it comes to shipping, you have lots of different options. Make sure you use a reliable service.

UK sellers have three options: arrange your own shipping with your local post office or through a third party service. Or you can use Ship with Depop DropOff, where you ship through the app using MyHermes and drop your parcel off at one of their drop-off points. Finally, you can use Ship with Depop Courier Collect, where MyHermes will collect your parcel from your address.

Parcel2Go and Parcel Force are ideal for larger parcels in the UK. Royal Mail is the UK national postal carrier and USPS is the US equivalent.

US sellers can also use Ship with Depop. These labels are for first class shipping for sizes XS, S and M. For L and XL labels, and includes insurance coverage for items up to $100.

UPS is a good option for international shipping. In the US sellers should also look into ‘flat rate’ shipping methods. This can help you save on shipping and can also save the buyer from spending more.

In Australia, Australia Post is the national postal carrier. Sendle is a courier company that can be useful for home-based collection and delivery.

Giving your buyers a choice of options can help them feel in control of the purchase. This way they will know what to expect and they can pay for the one they want.

When choosing a provider, consider: 

  • Where your item is going (international/domestic) 

  • Convenience: Some companies will collect packages

  • Usability: How easy is it to print shipping labels?

  • Customs: check out the rules around importing goods in different countries. Some packages will be held until a tax is paid. If sending from the US, don’t mark packages as ‘gift’ instead of ‘merchandise’ to avoid these taxes – it’s illegal and can result in a fine. 

Your packaging is the first time your buyer experiences your brand in real life. Use it as an opportunity to make a good first impression. Add a little thank-you note or a fun freebie to say thank you. Put that little bit of extra effort into the packaging and delivery of your item so that you stand out against the crowd.

Keep packaging light and consistent

Go one step further

  • Buy in bulk, get a better price

  • Consider using eco-friendly packaging

  • Personalise packaging with stamps/stickers

For more on packaging, read this

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Think about what a buyer might expect from your shop. They want prompt, smooth delivery without hassle.

Depop is expanding, and international shipping will help you reach more buyers.

It’s extra important to use tracked shipping when shipping worldwide. This ensures that after you ship the item, you have proof that it gets where it’s supposed to.

When shipping internationally, make sure you:

  • Work out the cost by weight and destination

  • Have a clear policy on international shipping 

  • Remember, practice makes perfect

Buyers love free shipping. We find that offering free national shipping can double a seller’s chances of selling an item within 7 days. Have a look at the numbers and see if you can offer free shipping by building the cost into your item’s price.

If you’re going to offer free shipping, consider:

  • Increasing product price to include shipping costs

  • Offering free shipping on items with higher profit margins

  • Using free shipping as a promotional tool

Once you’ve sold your item, make sure to go one step further and offer your buyer a smooth shipping experience. Adding a personal touch or a thank-you note can help you use shipping as an opportunity to build your shop’s brand.


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