List like a pro


Got some items you want to sell? Want to start listing on Depop? Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to creating great listings on the Depop platform. From taking good photos, writing sharp descriptions and pricing your items accurately.

Your Guide to Depop Listing

From how to list on Depop, to making a listing work for you in terms of great sales, follow these useful listing tips to take you to the top in no time:

Photos are the heartbeat of Depop. Using flat lays, model shots and close-ups can allow you to attract customers and increase sales. Take a good photo, become a global seller.

Our advice: take different types of photos to show off how the item looks and fits, and to show any tags or flaws it may have. A mix of four different images is always a good idea - a model shot, a flat lay, and two close-ups.

Pro tip
Taking up to four photos instead of one can increase your chances of selling by 20%.

What are stock photos?
A stock photo is an image that has been taken from another website without their permission. Using stock photos is often a breach of copyright. As a result it’s against our terms of use. Upload a listing with stock photos and it will be picked up by our team and removed.

Setting the scene
Here are some simple tips for taking better photos of your Depop items. Remember to keep your feed consistent, with photos in a similar style throughout.

Listing on Depop
Pro tips

  • Aim to take your photos near a window. 

  • Natural lighting always gets our vote. 

  • Lighting that causes harsh shadows never looks good. 

  • If the lighting in your house isn’t right, invest in some lighting.

  • Creative backgrounds work well and it doesn’t need to be complicated. Try your local park or basketball court, or a city street.

  • If shooting outside, taking photos on a cloudy day is best for lighting, as direct sunlight can wash out colours and create shadows. 

  • When using backdrops, keep it simple. Try using a backdrop that doesn’t divert the buyer's attention from the product. 

  • Always try to show how the item fits and get as much detail as possible. Include photos of the tags on branded items to help the buyer trust it is authentic. 

  • For more, read our complete photography guide on Depop.

Make sure that the keywords in your item’s description are relevant. Well-written, interesting descriptions make your item more likely to sell.

A useful exercise when writing descriptions is to try and think about the buyer. Picture yourself in their shoes and consider what they are most likely to be searching for to find your item and then include this in your description. Read more about writing great descriptions in our dedicated blog post.

First, do some research and look for how other items are priced on Depop. Keep in mind that condition, size, age and colour can alter value. So be realistic and if in doubt, go with the market price. For more tips on how to price your items, read this.

Depop listing

Pro tips

  • Pick a price you are happy with.

  • Make an educated guess. Research how similar items are priced by other Depop sellers.

  • Let people make offers, and use these offers to inform your prices in the future.

  • Finally, if you don’t think the price is good enough for the item, don’t sell it. 

Putting together a good listing will help you sell your item – it can catch buyers’ attention, as well as build trust and confidence in your shop. Once you have the hang of it, it’s easy to list your items. Keep these tips in mind to help your shop reach its maximum potential. For further information, read our detailed guide on turning your Depop shop into a success and watch some of our top sellers giving their best listing advice in the above listing tips video. Also discover our new 'Bulk Listing' feature which enables you to list items quickly and efficiently.