Now / Next: The Circularity Edition

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One of our goals at Depop is to create more opportunities for the people in our diverse and fashion-forward community. And one of the ways that we support this aim is through our Now/Next program. It’s an exciting project that takes some talented and inspiring Depop sellers from where they are now to where they want to be next. We offer certain individuals the support and guidance they need to take things to the next level. It’s a chance for these amazing sellers to develop their existing skills, as well as learn new ones from a range of experts in the field. The chosen sellers will pick up tools and advice on this empowering journey to help them grow and thrive on our site. Scroll down for some more information about our Now/Next program…

Introducing Now/Next at Depop

This innovative program has been designed to teach and nurture a selection of sellers who want to aim higher. Specifically when it comes to their Depop shop and overall seller experience. We create and reveal different versions of this project every year. And each time a new one is announced, a new set of sellers is chosen. Creatives of all ages, genders and backgrounds are considered for this opportunity. And we choose sellers appropriately and fairly based on the purpose of each edition of the Now/Next program. 

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Now/Next for Circularity

The first edition of our Now/Next program focuses on the concept of circularity. Keeping things circular is a concept at the core of our online fashion marketplace. We want to encourage and empower Depop buyers and sellers from around the world to keep existing garments in circulation for as long as possible.

Whether they’re fixing up clothes that have already been produced or repurposing old curtains into stylish garments, the sellers are contributing to the circular fashion industry in a positive way. And it’s not just about the income for these entrepreneurs either. It’s a passion and a way of life.

Thrifting, reusing, reworking and upcycling are values they live by and express through the items that they sell in their Depop store. Keep reading to discover some of our handpicked creators below and learn more about what they’re doing in the world of fashion…

Meet the Circularity Creators

  • Cierra Boyd is a fashion engineer and sustainability junkie. Her brand Friskmegood is known for its signature handmade, upcycled corsets made from old sneakers.

  • Olivia Tuffrey is a writer and editor. She runs Mad About Doin’, a zine dedicated to the humans making slow fashion and their stories making it.

  • Sante Koranteng runs the bags and accessories label Hands Bags. Her creations are produced and crafted by hand in her family’s workshop in Ghana.

  • Josephine Philips is the entrepreneur behind Sojo App, a tech platform aiming to become the ‘Deliveroo’ for secondhand and vintage alterations and repairs.

  • Gabriel Feliu is a designer and founder of TheMob. A waste-conscious brand, they create collections from vintage clothes and materials, and scraps from their previous collections.

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