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When it comes to selling on Depop, some items sell more quickly than others. But that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to keep your stock moving. It’s easy to get up and running on Depop - anyone can set up a Depop shop and start selling items. And once your shop is stocked, there are a few great ways to make sure your inventory is moving fast. Read on for our complete guide with everything you need to know about how to sell on Depop fast - whatever you’ve got in stock. 

Please note: Whilst we are able to share our top tips for selling fast on Depop on the basis of our experiences and the feedback we get from our sellers, we do not make any guarantee or representation or accept any liability in relation to the sales or revenues to be gained as a Depop seller.

What sells fast on Depop?

If you’re curious about how to make your items sell quickly on Depop, the first question you might want to ask is: what sells fast on Depop? There’s no one single answer to this question, but one thing you should know is that demand can change throughout the year. The seasons and weather have a big impact on what buyers are looking for. For example, if you’ve got a shop full of winter coats and jackets, you’ll probably find that your sales slow down in the summer months, when customers are more interested in sundresses and shorts.

What sells fast on Depop

As well as the changing seasons, fashion trends are changing all the time. What’s hot right now, whether it’s must-have trouser shapes or the brand new it-bag, might not be so popular in a few months' time. It can be difficult to know what buyers might be looking for next, but if you can figure it out and stock your shop with it, you’ll find that making quick sales is easy. To stay on top of what’s trending, do your research on what’s in and what’s out. Keep a close eye on Depop’s social channels and get inspired by what other sellers have in stock. Social media is a great way to do this. It can also help to look at what your favorite influencers and celebrities are wearing, too.

There are some categories that never quite go out of style. If you’re looking for how to sell things on Depop fast, think about items like sneakers, streetwear and designer brands. All of these seem to generate a lot of demand on Depop, year-round.

How to sell items on Depop quickly

For many sellers on Depop, moving items quickly spells success. Whether you’re just starting out as a seller, or you’ve got an established shop that’s going through a slow period, knowing how to sell items fast can be essential to building a Depop business. If you already know how to sell on Depop, the next step is speeding up your sales so you can stock new items and make more profit. Uploading items to your Depop shops is quick and easy, and with a little thought and effort, selling them to happy buyers can be just as simple.

Many sellers on Depop start their shop by clearing out their wardrobes of unwanted items, before casting a wider net and looking for more ways to source stock for their shop. When choosing items to sell, thinking strategically about what buyers might want is one good way to make sure your items sell quickly on Depop.

Start by giving some thought to the calendar. This can help guide you to choose the right stock for your shop at different points in the year. We’ve done the hard work for you in terms of looking at what buyers want as the seasons change. Here’s what we’ve seen sells best at different times of the year.

Menswear - summer

- Jersey

- Flip flops and slides

- Trainers

- Casual shoes

Menswear - winter 

- Puffer jackets

- Sweatpants

- Sweatshirts

- Trainers

- Hoodies

- Vests

Womenswear - summer 

- Overalls

- Leggings

- Sandals

- Platforms

- Slides

- Bodycon dresses

Womenswear - winter

- Sweatpants

- Fleeces

- Shirts

- Leggings

- Leather jackets

- Sweatshirts

In addition to types of clothing, you can also think about fabrics. Heavier materials like wool, corduroy and velvet are more likely to sell fast when the weather is getting cooler, while lighter fabrics like linen and silk might be more in demand in the summer months.

As well as the calendar, do your research and look at what items are popular on Depop, in terms of what styles and products are popping up on the shops of other sellers. You can also browse social media and take a look at what offline shops have in stock, to see what kind of fashion is trending at the moment. With this information in mind, sourcing inventory that’ll sell quickly should be more straightforward.

Selling things fast on Depop

Setting up your Depop shop for quick sales

Gearing up your Depop shop for success is not just about choosing the right inventory. Once you’ve stocked your shop with plenty of interesting items, it’s time to think about how you can maximise your chances of making a quick sale. A little extra effort here can go a long way in boosting your shop’s customer base. Here are some easy steps you can take to give your items the push they need.

- Start by taking great photos of your items and choosing the best ones to show off your stock. Think of your photos as a shop window for your Depop shop - choose photos that show off how great your item is, and make sure they’re as enticing as possible for your buyers. Read our guide on how to take good photos for your Depop shop here

- Add the right tags and write a good description. This can help buyers find your item when they’re searching for something just like it, which can be key to making a quick sale. Spending a little extra time and effort writing a great and accurate description can go a long way in moving your stock, quickly. 

- Make sure you choose the right price for your item. This can make all the difference in terms of how quickly you can sell your item. Obviously, a lower-priced item can often be seen as a bargain for a buyer, but make sure that the price you select is fair for both you and your buyer.  Do your research and look at how other sellers have priced similar items to get a ballpark figure for yours. Don’t forget about the condition of your item, and how unique or in-demand it is - these factors can have an impact on your pricing.

- Once you’ve got your shop full of great items, remember to promote it on your social media channels to boost your chances of selling your items. Using the ‘Share’ shop feature is an easy way to show off your shop on your Instagram story, and doing so can increase the likelihood of moving your inventory - just head to your profile and tap the blue ‘share shop’ button. 

- To sweeten the deal for any prospective customers,  be open and responsive to offers to reach an agreeable sale price. Being open to offers can help persuade buyers to make a purchase from your shop.

Please note: We asked real Depop sellers about their experiences of selling on Depop for the specific purpose of including their feedback in this blog. All quotes and testimonials included below were provided in response to that request and represent the seller’s own opinions.

An item's rare and unique quality is the most important factor of pricing for me. A lot of rare vintage pieces are highly sought-after, so they continue to go up in value. And I do accept offers. It has helped me move stock relatively faster. I never go too low on things I've just listed, but I'm always open-minded about pricing.


Our Top Quick-Sell Tips

Think of these tips as a cheat sheet for how to sell items on Depop quickly. Follow these steps and you’ll increase your chances of making a quick sale and increasing your shop’s turnover.

1. Plan what to sell in advance - as well as the changing seasons, look out for events (movie launches, festival season) and holidays like Halloween and stock your shop accordingly. If it’s helpful for you, try planning out your shop month by month using a calendar, adding in any events or holidays that might influence your inventory.

2. Take great photos. Don’t forget that photography is your chance to make your items look their best. A great photo can catch a buyer’s attention as they browse Depop. You don’t need special equipment to take good photos, either. See our guide to taking great photos for your Depop shop for everything you need to know about photography on Depop.

Discounts and pricing for selling fast

3. Think about the right price. Price is everything. Choosing the right price is essential to making a sale - as well as making a profit.  Do your research and select a price that makes your item extra enticing for a potential customer.

4. Offer a discount. Sweeten the deal by offering your customers a discount on your items. This is a powerful marketing tool for your shop, and buyers can be attracted to offers like these. This tactic can be very useful in helping to sell items that have been hanging around your shop for a long time. 

There are a couple of indicators that let me know it’s time to discount items: Seasonality is key. Summer and winter items get discounted as soon as they’re out of season, but fall and spring typically get left at full price for longer since they are more transitional.


Selling Fast on Depop, Sorted!

Now you’ve got all the information you need to sell things quickly on your Depop shop. There’s no one secret to increasing the speed of your sales, but with a little thought and some strategic planning, it’s easy to boost your chances of selling stuff fast on your Depop shop. For more information and advice, check out our posts on top depop selling tips

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