The Level Up programme

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So you’re making sales and building your brand. What’s next? If you want to get serious about becoming a Top Seller, the Level Up programme might be for you.

What is the Level Up programme? 

Level Up is an education programme for our most serious sellers. It’s designed to give you everything you need to work towards becoming a Top Seller on Depop. As an online interactive 6-week programme, we have designed it to support and educate you on the foundations of running a successful Depop shop. Over the course of the 6 weeks, you will have the opportunity to attend two live virtual events, where you will hear firsthand from the Depop team and a panel of Depop Top Sellers. You’ll have exclusive access to a Depop seller hub, where you can browse bite-sized video workshops, packed with insights and expertise from sellers in the Depop community. Plus, you won't be in it alone - you’ll get to network and share this experience with the Depop team and Depop sellers in a private community space. Want access to expert knowledge and seller-led workshops? This programme is for you.

Depop Level Up Programme

What can I expect to Learn?

Level Up workshops cover a range of topics including, but not limited to, photography, brand awareness, and how to organise your time as a seller. Whatever your goals, the Level Up programme has been designed to help get you there. Find more details regarding specific topics below.

  • The fundamentals: How to optimise the perfect listing, how to write a great description, how to price effectively, how I should set up my shipping and how to provide a great buyer experience.

  • Make your photos pop: Everything you need - from lighting and equipment to how to shoot different types of product images, flat lays, hanger, and model shots.

  • Getting organised: Tips on how to organise your time better, keeping track of your inventory, and how to set achievable goals.

  • Wholesale 101: Your questions will be answered on,  what is wholesale, how to find a wholesaler, and what are the questions you should be asking to ensure they are right for you.

You’ll get weekly check-ins, regular targets and promotional opportunities. Plus, you won't be in it alone - you’ll get to network and share this experience with other Depop sellers in a private community space.

How do I know if I should apply?

Level Up requires you to give your all. These are some of the things we look for when selecting sellers for the programme:

  • You have sold over 10 items in the last 90 days
  • You have listed over 10 in the last 90 days
  • You’re willing to dedicate 3+ hours per week to their Depop shop.
  • You’re willing to attend two virtual live sessions (2 hours in total over the course of two weeks).
  • You’re engaged and are willing to listen, learn, and apply what you have learned into your Depop shops.
  • You have a strong desire and commitment to improving your Depop shop.
  • You are wanting to connect with the community and learn from each other
  • You have a commitment to sustainability

What is the Level Up programme?

What Level Up graduates say

Level Up has helped hundreds of sellers grow their Depop.  Here’s what they say about the programme:

I feel very lucky to have been invited to the Level Up programme! The event at London HQ was full of informative and helpful information. It really excited me and gave me the push I needed to meet my monthly targets in order to become a Top Seller. Being in direct contact with members of Depop and fellow sellers was great for gaining and sharing advice. Since joining in January, I’ve surpassed my monthly targets every month and I quickly became a Top Seller.


Level Up was a great chance to learn more about selling on Depop! It helped me realise the things I was doing right, as well as some of the areas where I could improve. The people I worked with are amazing and I would highly recommend the program for any seller looking to take that next step.


Level Up programme changed everything for me! For a while, I didn’t know how to take my shop to the next level, but after taking part in their programme, I saw such immense growth instantly! I became a Top Seller and sold so many items because of the tools they provided.


Submitting my application to the Level Up program was the best decision I made for myself this year! I couldn’t be happier to have connected with so many great people in the Depop community, and my shop even saw consistent growth in the process. As somebody trying to establish a fairly new shop, I feel like the program gave me a crash course of information that would’ve taken another year to learn! Although the idea of hitting my personal listing target seemed impossible, the curated weekly emails and program exclusive targets made it so easy! I managed to post almost double the items I normally would, and saw an exponential growth in my shop’s sales as a result.


The online workshops were insightful and helpful in learning how to build my brand and business on Depop. One of the most positive things about the Level Up programme for me has also been being able to share the experience and meet some amazing people through it! I have definitely learned a lot through the programme and have been so happy to see it not only translate into sales but also positive feedback. It has helped me grow my business and I am excited about what the next year might bring.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I apply for Level up?

Applying to Level Up is super easy. Applying to Level Up is super easy. If you think you’ve got what it takes, all you need to do is answer a few short questions about yourself and your shop. Level up is run every 8 weeks. Keep an eye out on our social channels and your emails for an application link.

What is the selection process like?

We are on the lookout for sellers who are really looking to take their shop to the next level. Sellers are selected based on the amount of time they are willing to dedicate, listing rates, and overall enthusiasm and excitement to learn and connect with our community. Sellers should also have a commitment to contributing to the sustainable circular fashion economy.

How long is the Level Up programme?

The Level Up Programme runs for six weeks.

Level Up programme graduates

What should I expect from the Level up programme?

  • Week 1: Welcome Week
    • In the welcome week, a virtual live session will be hosted on Google Meets. In this session, you will learn more about the program and get the chance to meet the rest of the sellers taking part.
    • During welcome week, you will also be invited to a special Depop seller hub where you will have access to pre-recorded workshops that you can watch and engage with in your own time.
  • Week 2-5: Listing challenge and discussions
    • In week 2, the second virtual live session will be hosted. This is where you will hear from an expert Top Seller panel. They’ll be discussing the ins and outs of selling on Depop, with tips and tricks for growing your shop
    • Over the course of this six-week program, you will be given a listing target based on your average listings for the three complete months before the program begins. Your goal will be to meet these targets by the end of the first four complete weeks. For those who reach their targets, they will receive a Depop reward.
    • All Level Up participants are invited to a specialised community group. In the community group, weekly discussion topics will be posted every Monday to discuss throughout the week. This is a forum space where you will have the opportunity to connect and engage with other sellers who are taking part.
  • Week 6: Wrap up
    • In the final week of the program, we will announce the winners of the listing challenge and officially close out the program.

If you have any other questions about Level Up that are not answered on this page, then we are here to help. Please forward your questions to and a member of our team will be in contact.


Becoming a Top Seller always takes hard work. But if you’re a strong seller looking for support, advice and a little push to get you there, the Level Up programme might be for you.