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Just made a Depop sale? Nice – now the next step is to package up your sold item before you ship it to your buyer. First impressions count, so Depop packaging is super important. Read on for everything you need to know about preparing your item for its journey to your buyer.

When it comes to how you pack up your items before posting them to your buyer, it’s worth putting in a little effort. Packing items nicely is an opportunity to make a connection with your buyer, and it helps your shop stand out. Think of this as your chance to show your buyer what your shop is about, whether you’re just starting out, or building a brand of your own on Depop. From a functional point of view, it’s also a good idea to make sure your packaging protects your item and ensures it arrives at its destination in one piece.

Depop thank you note

You have lots of options in terms of the packaging you can choose for your shop, but always try to opt for reusable and recyclable materials first and foremost. This’ll help lower the environmental impact of your Depop shop.

What packaging materials to use

Whether you have to package bulky shoes for your Depop shop, or you are packaging a nice piece of jewelry in a small Depop packet, there’s lots of options out there.  Reusing packaging is both better for the environment and it will save you money. Being creative, resourceful and considerate of practices that are kinder to the planet are all excellent exercises in being an entrepreneur.

And remember, you don’t need to pick one option and stick with it - you can mix and match reused supplies along with new eco-friendly packaging, if that’s what suits you and your shop. If you’d like to make an impact with Depop branded packaging, you can head to our eco-friendly packaging partner Eco-Enclose in the US for all your packaging needs. 

Why reuse packaging supplies?

There are plenty of reasons to reuse packaging supplies for your Depop shop:

  • It saves you money. Reusing supplies you already have is totally free.
  • It saves you time. If you have different sizes of packaging on hand, you don’t need to spend time looking for or ordering the right size.
  • It reduces packaging pollution. And it lowers your carbon footprint.
  • It shows your buyers you care about the environmental impact – this is another extension of your brand, and can be a reason why you will get returning customers.

Depop small packet

How to reuse packaging supplies

Get into the reuse mindset - and remember, making eco-friendly choices doesn’t have to be a chore. Lowering the environmental impact of your shop can result in some cute and creative benefits for your buyers, with just a little extra effort from you.

Try to save packaging from orders – or ask family and friends to save their packaging for you to reuse. Here are a couple more reuse tips to keep at the top of your mind when considering what packaging to use:

  • You can use shipping boxes and mailers to re-ship items, unless they’ve been destroyed in transit. You are likely to have boxes lying around from other uses, so try reusing them again. Ensure that you remove all labels. Try customising the package for a more personal, branded experience – such as including a branded stamp with your shop name. 
  • Be conscious of the materials that you do reuse. Sending an item out in a bag from the supermarket doesn’t give your customer the best possible experience, and can lead to damage in transit. The easiest way to choose items to reuse is if the materials’ original intent was commercial shipping.
  • Let your buyers know if you’re reusing shipping materials. Tell them what making more sustainable choices means to you – and how you’ve made a conscious decision to reuse items you already have. We've created a Depop-branded reuse sticker to spruce up secondhand mailers. Simply head to Eco-Enclose - our eco-friendly packaging partner in the US - to get your hands on it.

Cute Depop packaging

Types of eco-friendly packaging

So if you’re going to buy new packaging for your Depop shop, it’s best to use eco-friendly packing materials first and foremost. There are different types of eco-friendly packaging to choose from, including:

  • Recycled
  • Recyclable

It’s important to note that they all mean different things. A product made from recycled materials - particularly plastic, cardboard with plastic film or tape, or packaging made from mixed materials - is not automatically recyclable. If you use recyclable materials on the other hand, check whether it can be routinely recycled in curbside collections – this will vary depending on location. The easiest way to know if something can be recycled is to use paper or card-based materials - these can be recycled almost anywhere.

Depop's eco-friendly packaging

We’ve recently partnered with EcoEnclose – an eco-friendly packaging supply store – on offering recyclable, quality mailers at an affordable price to our US sellers.

Our EcoEnclose + Depop packaging is made from 100% recycled materials or certified, responsibly sourced paper, which is easy for buyers to recycle at home. The packaging is water-resistant,  and available with Depop-branded or non-branded options in multiple sizes. You’ll also find padded mailers, tissue paper and GreenWrap – a paper alternative to bubble wrap. Order yours now in the link above.

Eco-friendly Packaging Depop

Say ‘thank you’ with a Depop note

Never underestimate the power of the personal touch. Include a ‘thank you’ note or personal message on the item your buyer has purchased so they feel special and have even more of a reason to shop from you again. There are four different ways to say ‘thank you’ – and show more of your personality – to get there:

  1. Handwritten

If you’re just getting started on Depop, you may want to start with a simple handwritten note. It’s super simple – and a quick way to add your own personal touch on each order. All you have to do is write your message on a piece of paper or some card. Pop it into your package and you’re good to go.

  1. Thrifted postcards

Depop buyers love one of a kind items, so take a look in charity shops or thrift stores for vintage postcards or stickers. Include these in your package as an easy way to say ‘thank you’ – and reuse what already exists.

  1. Printed

Processing a large amount of orders every day? You’ll need to think of the most time-efficient way to say thank you to your customers while still offering a great experience. Printing options can help save time - think about sourcing some eco-friendly inks to make it better for the planet. Here’s some ideas to get you started.

  • Branded ‘thank you’ inserts. This is a quick and easy way to give thanks to your customers while including a personal touch from your brand.
  • Branded ‘thank you’ stickers. A fun way to say thank you to your customers. They could even reuse them – think of it as free promo for your brand. If you choose this option, make sure you opt for recyclable stickers.
  1. Inserts

Inserts are another way to thank your buyers, promote your brand and encourage repeat purchases. Here are a couple messages you could include on the inserts you include with your Depop packaging to up the cuteness factor:

  • Include your social channels so they can keep up to date with your shop and personal style.
  • Add a discount for a repeat purchase.
  • Mention the uniqueness of your brand with a one-liner on your shop’s ethos or aesthetic.  

Depop packaging top tips

Top Depop Packaging Tips

Want more tips on figuring out your packaging process? We talked to London-based seller @yesterdaysbabevintage about what types of packaging they use, and how they keep it sustainable before shipping items out.

Please note: We asked @yesterdaysbabevintage for the specific purpose of including their feedback in this blog. All quotes and testimonials included below were provided in response to that request and represent the seller’s own opinions.

Here’s what they said:

What packaging supplies do you use for your Depop shop?

I use recyclable paper mailing sacks with an adhesive strip. I don't wrap my items in tissue paper – I find from past experiences that it ends up arriving very crumpled. I also have recycled card postcards with my logo and a thank you note printed on each side – they can also be recycled or used as a print on your wall. On the outside of my mailing bags, I have a branded, recycled sticker. It can be popped straight into the recycling with the bag. For my shipping labels, I buy 4 sticker printing sheets and print from my office printer with Royal Mail click and drop. I do not use any plastic when packaging my items, however if the item is delicate e.g. beaded, I will use recycled bubble wrap to avoid any damage.


How do you plan for what supplies you need?

The supplier I use for my paper mailing bags only offers large quantity orders. This works out better for me – it's cost-effective and I know I won't have to reorder for another few months. During the winter months, I tend to place an order of larger mailing bags for coats and bulky knits.


Depop Packaging Ideas

It’s a good idea to think ahead – and plan for what supplies you’ll need based on your stock. This will save you time and money from buying supplies that you don’t need –  and you’ll avoid any damage when your item is in the post. Here are a few ideas for types of packaging you can use for your Depop order - and remember, where possible, always use reused and reusable packaging for your items.

  1. Boxes. Opt for recycled cardboard boxes – especially when considering what packaging to pack shoes in. Boxes are sturdy and help reduce the amount of plastic in circulation.
  2. Mailers. Reuse mailers from home, or from your family and friends. Alternatively, check out our selection of recycled paper mailers from EcoEnclose. Paper mailers are more widely recycled than plastic mailers.
  3. Tissue paper. If your item needs something to keep it safe in transit, tissue paper can work here. Save old tissue paper from gifts on birthdays and special occasions and reuse it when packing your item for a cute Depop packaging idea.
  4. Tape. If you can, use biodegradable or recyclable paper tape. Putting plastic tape on eco-friendly packaging makes it almost impossible to recycle or compost.
  5. Filler. Ask friends and family to save used bubble wrap. Alternatively, opt for recycled corrugated cardboard, water-soluble loose fill chips, or other bio-based fillers.
  6. Shipping labels. Opt for recycled shipping labels – this will depend on whether you choose to handwrite or print labels.

Ready to start selling and shipping? Order eco-friendly packaging supplies now. For more information on our partnership with EcoEnclose, head to our help centre