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Want to set up your own Depop shop, but not sure what to sell? Read on for our complete guide to all the things to sell on Depop and what sells well. Plus, we’ve got plenty of creative inspiration for what you might want to list on your own shop as you get it up and running. 

What can you sell on Depop?

Depop is a huge online community filled with buyers and sellers from every walk of life. It’s the place where the next generation comes to discover unique items and transform fashion. So when it comes to deciding what to sell on Depop, the choice is up to you and your imagination. Other than our list of prohibited items, you can select whatever you want to sell on your Depop shop.

To get started, why not look around the app and see what other sellers have in stock? With sellers of all kinds and from all over the world using Depop, there’s a huge and almost endless range of different types of products available for sale here. This means that Depop is the perfect place to sell whatever it is you’re most passionate about - whether that’s one-off vintage finds, streetwear, or preloved casual basics.

Start by following a few of your favorite sellers and taking a good look at what they tend to sell. Make sure to note any unusual items or categories, and or anything that stands out to you - this’ll demonstrate the breadth and scope of possibilities when it comes to deciding what to sell on your own Depop shop.

Popular Product Categories for sales on Depop

We’ve put together a list that breaks down several different types of items you can sell on Depop. Although this isn’t a complete list, it’s a good place to start when considering the range of fashion, art and jewelry you can sell on the app. Here are a few of the various types of items you can sell:

- Items from your wardrobe (new, unworn or preloved)

- Upcycled items

- Vintage clothes

- Thrifted clothes

- Clothes sourced through wholesale

- Authentic designer goods

- Trainers

- Items in different sizes

- Items in different conditions

You’ll also find three main overall categories on Depop:

- Menswear

- Womenswear 

- Jewelry

Don’t worry about picking a category or a style for your shop - you won’t have to select one as you set up your Depop. Your shop’s inventory can be a mix of different categories that’s unique to your interests, and it can change over time, too. Or maybe you know you want to sell upcycled vintage and nothing else - that’s fine, too. Depop is a place where you can express your own style and so it’s up to you what kind of focus you want to give your shop.

Within the above three categories, there are plenty of subcategories of items you can list on the app. What sells well on Depop can change with the seasons or with the arrival of new trends, but many of the items listed below are some of the top selling items on Depop. 

- Outerwear:

   - Puffer jackets

   - Bomber jackets

   - Vests

   - Trench coats

   - Blazers

   - Windbreakers

   - Fleeces

    - Denim jackets

- Bottoms:

   - Skirts

   - Jeans

   - Leggings

   - Sweatpants

   - Overalls

   - Shorts

   - Culottes 

   - Playsuits

- Tops:

   - T-shirts 

   - Hoodies

   - Sweatshirts 

   - Crop tops

   - Cardigans 

   - Blouses

   - Polo shirts

   - Cami tops 

   - Jersey 

- Dresses: 

   - Going out dresses 

   - Mini dresses

   - Evening dresses

   - Summer dresses 

   - Maxi dresses 

- Shoes:

   - Trainers

   - Boots

   - Heels 

   - Platforms

   - Flats

   - Sandals 

   - Ankle boots

- Accessories: 

   - Bags and purses 

   - Hats

   - Scarves 

   - Caps 

   - Sunglasses 

   - Belts 

   - Socks and tights 

   - Watches 

You can also list items such as homeware, art, records, cameras, facemasks and coverings. For a more thorough list of what you can sell, visit depop.com and browse through the categories to get a sense of what kind of items can kickstart your selling journey. Read more about prohibited items on Depop in our blog post.

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Best things to sell on Depop

There’s no magic formula for a top-selling Depop shop. We’ve found that the best things to sell can change with the weather and the calendar. So if you want to know what to sell on Depop – and how to make money, it pays to consider the seasonality of your items. This means that it’s worth thinking about what sells well at different times of the year and stocking your shop accordingly.

So think cosy jumpers in winter and sundresses when the weather gets warmer. But also remember to consider events and holidays - like music festivals or Halloween - that can drive demand for certain kinds of items, too.  A little planning and forethought along these lines can help you figure out what products will sell best on your Depop shop.

Top things to consider when selling

When it comes to deciding what to sell on Depop, there’s a lot to choose from. We’ve put together a list of things to consider when selecting what items to sell, to help you narrow down your inventory and find your Depop shop’s perfect vibe.

- Select items you think others will love: It can be hard to guess what buyers will want most, but a little research can show you what’s in style - and what’s in demand - right now. Want to be in the know on what kind of items buyers are eyeing? Opt into Depop emails to stay on top of what’s seasonal and on the up and up.

- Ask yourself: Is it on-trend? It makes sense that on-trend items are the ones most in-demand - everyone is looking for them. So choose your stock with this in mind. Ask yourself: Did an influencer wear something similar to what you have? Does an item in your shop channel a film everyone is talking about? If so, get listing now and it’s likely to move fast.

- Will it make money? If you're curious about what to sell on Depop to make money, then have a look at high-value items available from other sellers for a start. But remember, selling a lot of lower-value items can also help your shop be just as profitable as a few higher-value items. It's all about gauging the demand and being confident that you can supply what individuals are looking for. 

- Is it from a good brand? Everyone knows that the right brand name can spell big demand among buyers. Learn what brands sell best on Depop by checking out our social media channels as well as browsing the Explore page on the app.

Best things to sell

Want to know how one seller stocks their shop? We spoke to @dragonflyfashion who specialises in selling vintage and secondhand clothing, with a focus on items from the 80s, 90s and 00s. They told us about what factors they bear in mind when deciding what to sell on Depop.

- Quality of the item: “Make sure it is excellent quality, no stains, marks, rips, tears or fading.”

- Brand: “I make sure the label is either from a known vintage brand, or on the higher end.”

- Trendiness: “I research clothing categories or specific trends that are popular, or have been for a long time, so I know the item has a good chance of selling quickly!”

- The love factor: “I sell clothes which I personally love. This helps build a shop style/theme.”

- Seasonality: “I source seasonally, so summer/light clothes for warmer seasons and coats and jackets for cooler seasons.”

Curious for more tips and tricks on how to sell on Depop? Follow How To Depop - Depop’s learning hub for sellers here.

What you can’t sell on Depop

There are plenty of great items to sell on Depop. Our community are curators of the kinds of fashion, accessories, art, books, records and trainers that you can’t find anywhere else. We love your creativity, but there are some things you’re not permitted to buy and sell on Depop.

It may sound obvious, but - amongst other things - we can’t let you buy or sell dangerous things on Depop. This includes:

- Medicines and medical products

- Alcohol and tobacco products

- Drugs and drug-related items

- Hazardous or flammable materials, like lighters and paints

Read more about prohibited items on Depop in our blog post.

Top selling items

Is counterfeit allowed on Depop?

We define counterfeit as “a copy of an existing item made with the intent of tricking someone into believing the fake item is the same as the real item.” Trainers with a fake Balenciaga logo that weren’t made by Balenciaga, for example, would fall within this definition.

We respect creators at Depop – which is why we don’t allow anyone to sell counterfeit items on the app. For the same reason, we also don’t allow anyone to sell items that infringe on someone else’s copyright on the app. This includes things like:

- Unauthorized or pirated copies – like pirated DVDs and bootleg recordings of concerts

- Unauthorized prints of artwork or photographs that don’t belong to you – this includes printing artwork and photos onto clothing and accessories

- Digital downloads of items where the seller doesn't own the copyright – such as e-books, films and TV shows. This includes selling codes to be used on other websites

The best way to find great things to sell on your own Depop shop? Get started on the app and discover yourself.

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